Mon 10 Apr 2023
Sea plywood is made of thin sheets of wood which are welded together, in opposite direction for more strength. The number of such leaves is usually odd so that the outer leaves have the same direction.  Bonding between these sheets occurs under high pressure and temperature. Strong adhesives (phenolic resins) are used, so the plywood produced looks like a single wood material.  To create thin leaves, special timber is required, where the trunk is as straight as possible.

It is extremely resistant to vertical pressures, warping and shrinkage, it is more durable even than solid wood. The usual thicknesses on plywood are: 4, 6, 9, 10, 12, 15, 20 ,24, 27 mm and the usual dimensions of the sheets are:    

125 x  250 (mm x mm).

122x 244(mm x mm).

122x 250(mm x mm).

Plywood is divided into indoor and outdoor uses. This differentiation has to do with the adhesives and the type of wood used for their production. Outdoor plywood usually has the characteristic W.B.P. (weather and boil proof) which indicates that adhesives have waterproof properties.

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